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Discover a fast, effective and convenient way to combat sweat and odor

For many people who suffer from excessive sweating, finding the perfect or even a reasonable treatment for managing the condition can be an elusive journey. Blue Sand Sweat & Odor Controller is a powerful antibacterial/antiperspirant for treating sweaty palms, feet & underarms. It is applied with an easy-to-use spray and is suitable for both men and women. Scent-free and proven to work Blue Sand can change your life for the better so you can stay fresh, confident and in control.

Benefits include no more embarrassment from sweaty palms, underarms or foot odors. You can confidently shake hands during your business meetings or social encounters. Blue Sand is ideal for people with jobs or that take part in sports activities that cause excessive sweating. This product is suitable for all types of users when it comes to convenience, effectiveness, and discreetness.

Blue Sand® contains NO Alcohol or Aluminum chloride

Most antiperspirant and antibacterial formulas currently on the market contain alcohol and/or aluminum chloride as a main ingredient which may not be suitable for all users. Blue Sand is recognized by Health Canada under the Natural Health Products Regulations due to its ingredients: Methenamine and purified water. Clinical studies have demonstrated that Methenamine is safe, fast-acting, highly effective topical treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) which results in lasting benefits.

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