Aluminum and alcohol free antiperspirant that REALLY works.
Approved by Health Canada Natural Health Products Directorate.
Tough on sweat and odor, gentle on skin and clothes.
Stops sweat and odour of underarms, feet, palms.
Long-lasting continuing effect.

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Blue Sand works! It's active ingredient is clinically tested,
safe and proven to help up to 99% of the users experiencing
excessive perspiration and unpleasant odour

3 weeks test period of 26 individuals:
“In none of the participants did the solution fail to produce some improvement."
"Methenamine effectively decreased sweating in 24 of 26 individuals studied.”
“8 patients experienced continuing relief for one to three weeks after discontinuing the trial.”
Archives of Dermatology. Stanley I. Cullen, M.D. (USA).

2 years studies of 16 individuals:
16 out of 16 participants showed from excellent to good results.
"None of the subjects reported negative side effects such as rashes, allergies,
or skin breakdown during the period of usage of the solution."
“Methenamine is an effective antiperspirant and is recommended for use."
Prosthetics and Orthotics International. Z. Susak, R. Minkov and E. Isakov (Israel).

4 weeks study of 60 patients:
60 out of 60 participants showed from excellent to moderate improvement.
"Our study showed methenamine to be superior to other known modalities with minimal side effects."
“Methenamine is safe, faster acting, highly effective which results in lasting benefit for patients.”
Indian Journal of Dermatology. Phadke V A, Joshi R S, Khopkar U S, Wadhwa S L. (India).

28 days study of 109 individuals:
90 out of 109 individuals showed from excellent to moderate improvement in sweat reduction.
"No patient developed allergic contact sensitization to the methenamine."
“Methenamine appears to be safe and effective in the treatment of palmoplantar hyperhidrosis.”
International Journal of Dermatology. P. R. Bergstresser, M.D., R. Ouero, M.D. (USA).

Blue Sand® Aluminum-Free Antiperspirant:

  • Clinically proven to treat excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis
  • Effectively protects from foot smell and body odour
  • Multipurpose spray for underarms, feet and palms
  • Long-lasting continuing effect for up to 3 weeks
  • Safe, hypoallergenic and easy to use
  • Approved by Health Canada
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Blue Sand Antiperspirant contains no aluminum or alcohol

Majority of antiperspirant products on the market use aluminum chloride or aluminum zirconium in different variations and concentrations as their active ingredient. These compounds in antiperspirants can provoke skin irritations and allergies and are not suitable for some users. They can also stain clothing with a yellowish tint or cause a stiffening of the affected areas of the clothing.

Blue Sand is an ALUMINUM FREE antiperspirant, approved for use by Health Canada Natural Health Products Directorate (NPN #80030800).

Benefits of using Blue Sand aluminum free antiperspirant

Blue Sand aluminum-free antiperspirant is an effective solution for treating sweaty feet, palms, underarms, as well as eliminating body and foot odour. It is applied with an easy-to-use spray and is suitable for both men and women.

Blue Sand is highly effective for people with active lifestyles that take part in sports activities, health related sweating problems (hyperhidrosis) and occupations that cause excessive perspiration and unpleasant odour.

Blue Sand Antiperspirant is an economical and practical solution for people who would like to eliminate sweat and odour issues without having to buy messy powders, greasy creams, multiple shoe inserts or even having to schedule Botox injections.

No more embarrassment from sweaty palms, underarms or foot smell! You can confidently shake hands during your business meetings or social encounters.

The use of Blue Sand spray on the gym equipment and sports clothes significantly decreases the number of germs thriving on it, and eliminate or greatly reduce the unpleasant "workout" smell of the fitness gear.

This product is suitable for all types of users when it comes to convenience, effectiveness, and discreetness.

How Blue Sand works

Blue Sand’s unique active ingredient - methenamine, when used as a spray for excessive sweating and odour treatment, forms natural protein plugs in contact with sweat which block sweat ducts. Also, being an antimicrobial organic compound it kills odour causing bacteria, thus reducing unpleasant odour.

Clinical studies, conducted in USA, Israel, Germany, India have demonstrated that “… methenamine is a safe and effective treatment for excessive sweating” (Journal of Dermatology).

How to use Blue Sand

Blue Sand has a spray-application system as opposed to the typical roll-on, gel or cream style products, which allows for sufficient and even coverage of the affected areas.

The level of effectiveness can vary based on individual's condition and may last from one to six weeks.

Apply spray on a clean, dry area once per day preferably for not more than 5 days in a row. Do not wipe off and let dry. If perspiration and odour returns, apply spray once per day for not more than 4-5 days in a row. Repeat the treatment as necessary.


  • We used this on our 13 year old son’s palms for excessive sweating. He has had trouble writing for years because he can’t hold a pencil due to sweat. This has left his palms dry and he is now able to hold a pencil. We bought it without any recommendation, but took the risk and love it. He used it for one week, and has not used it for 4 or 5 weeks now and is still dry. Thanks!
    Wendy, Springfield, IL, USA
  • I bought 5 bottles of Blue Sand for myself and my family members. I am using Blue Sand for my underarms and I am very satisfied with the results that it gave me. I was so satisfied that I over used it. I didn’t follow the instructions, which gave me a little bit of dryness but after I applied cream my dryness went away. My brother from United States was asking when this product is going to be available in the stores.
    Eli, Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • I had problems with my feet. They sweated and had an odor. I tried Blue Sand on my feet and felt a difference after the 1st application. It has been 3 months since my last application and I am very satisfied with the results that it gave me.
    David, Mason City, IA, USA
  • Anonymous
    Thank goodness something like this exists!
  • I have suffered from underarms odour problem for many years and was sceptical at first when the idea of using Blue Sand was brought to my attention. To my amazement, it worked! My son was thrilled as well, as Blue Sand helped him with his constantly wet palms. It was easy to apply by following the instructions. This product totally eliminated our issues. I would definitely use it again because the results were so wonderful.
    Laura V. ,Toronto, ON, Canada
  • I spent most of my day working in the office environment wearing dress shoes.  Because my feet would constantly sweat I tried various ways to decrease the sweatiness by wearing thinner socks, taking the shoes off while working at my desk, carrying a spare set of socks with me etc.  I used foot powder before but I found that too messy.  My girlfriend told me that she discovered a product that has helped her eliminate sweat and odor for her feet and urged me to try it.  I sprayed my feet with Blue Sand for 3 days straight, as per instructions, and noticed that my foot odor disappeared and the sweat was greatly reduced.  I applied the spray again a week later, for two days straight, and discovered that my feet stopped sweating completely.  I have not experienced any foot odor since I started using Blue Sand.  When I start to feel the sweat is coming back I reapply blue sand and after one or two applications my feet are sweat-free again for the next few weeks.  Thanks Blue Sand!
    Nick, Modesto, CA, USA
  • I’ve had a sweaty feet problem for as long as I can remember.  Even when waking up in the mornings I found my feet covered in sweat.  I learned to live with it and had no clue that there was something that can be done about it. I have to admit I was sceptical about Blue Sand at first as it sounded too good to be true.  But, I decided to try it anyways and was glad that I did when I discovered that it works.
    Andrew, Concord, CA, USA
  • I used to have a sweat and odor problem with my feet. I often felt uncomfortable at work and scared that someone would notice the odor.  The first thing I would do when I’d get home is rinse off my feet with water & soap as they were covered in sweat and produced a bad odor. After using Blue Sand for a few days I didn’t even notice how the heavy sweating had stopped and that my feet stopped smelling. I completely forgot that I even had those problems.  Finally I have found a product that is economical, easy to use and it works.
    Marissa, Menahga, MN, USA
  • I play soccer a few times per week. My feet would produce a lot of sweat & odor, felt real sticky and uncomfortable.  I thought I’d try using Blue Sand in the mornings before the games, to let it absorb through the day, by spraying my feet and the insides my boots. I noticed that my feet became less sweaty and sticky and that my socks and boots no longer contained a smell of bad odor.
    John, Syracuse, NY, USA
  • My fiancé and I were hiking on a very hot day.  My whole body was covered in sweat, except my feet and underarms were totally dry.  I remember thinking “that’s odd” when I realized that a few days earlier I had sprayed Blue Sand on my feet and underarms. Blue Sand is very effective and I would recommend it to those with active lifestyles to help prevent excessive sweating of feet and underarms during their activities.
    Michael, Gatineau, Ottawa
  • This product is great!!! This is actually the first product that worked for me!! Guys, you MUST try it. Totally worth it.  Good luck to everybody!
    Olivia, Ottawa
  • As a composer and pianist I would strongly recommend Blue Sand to all the musicians. If you use it for a couple of days before your performance it helps to prevent your hands from sweating when the nerves give in or when it is a long night of playing. Blue Sand will keep your hands dry and give you more confidence to enjoy playing your instrument and to have a memorable performance.
    Phil (Pianist, Composer), Boston, MA, USA
  • Anonymous
    I gave Blue Sand to my son who is 16yrs old and heavily into Tae-Kwon-do. His response after trying the product was: “I put Blue Sand on one day and my regular deodorant the 2nd day and forgot to put deodorant on 3rd day and by the end of the day I did not smell”. “Put some Blue sand on a smelly pair of pants to test it on clothes and IT WORKS”.
  • Anonymous
    It is a very good product. I will recommend to others. Keep it up.
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