1.   Q: Has this product been approved by Health Canada?

A: Yes. Blue Sand is approved by Health Canada & classified as a Natural Health Product (NPN 80030800). For more information, please visit Health Canada website. www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/prodnatur/index-eng.php

2.  Q: What is the texture of the Blue Sand spray? Is it sticky or oily?

A: Based on the Blue Sand solution spray–application system and solution format, Blue Sand is neither sticky nor oily.

3.  Q: How long will the 60 mL bottle last?

A: It depends how often you use it. One bottle lasts 4 to 6 months on average.

4.  Q: Are there any side effects from using Blue Sand?

A: There have not been any reports of adverse side effects from using this product. Clinical trials conducted on Blue Sand’s active
ingredient methenamine demonstrated that methenamine is a safe and effective topical treatment of palmar and plantar
hyperhidrosis or excessive hand and foot sweating.

5.  Q: How effective is Blue Sand in reducing and preventing excessive perspiration and odor?

A: Blue Sand is proven to be effective in reducing and preventing excessive sweating and odor; however, the level of effectiveness
can vary based on individual’s needs and condition.

6.  Q: Can I use Blue Sand anywhere else on my body?

A: Blue Sand works on feet, palms and underarms.

7.  Q: Are there any age restrictions for using Blue Sand?

A: Blue Sand is not to be used on infants.

8.  Q: Is there any chance of my feet, palms, or underarms becoming too dry and flakey by using Blue Sand?

A: Yes, BUT only if you don’t follow directions for use. Like other antiperspirants it’s important not to overuse it.

9.  Q: When can I expect to see the effects of using Blue Sand?

A: Some users begin to notice effects after their first application. However, for most people it takes around three to five days to start seeing more significant results.

10.  Q: Is Blue Sand safe to use during pregnancy or breast-feeding?

A: There have not been any harmful effects reported by women when used during pregnancy or breast-feeding, HOWEVER, clinical trials have not been conducted so you should seek advice from your doctor before using.

11.  Q: Where can I get more information regarding Blue Sand's active ingredient?

A: Please follow the link and check information under deodorant antiperspirant section. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deodorant"

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