Safety of Blue Sand Antiperspirant

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    Hello everyone,

    From time to time we receive questions regarding safety and effectiveness of Blue Sand® Antiperspirant: Sweat & Odor Controller.

    The safety issue hasn’t escaped our thorough attention way back during the research and development phase of the product. Our team wanted a product that is BETTER than any comparable product of its kind on the market, especially in terms of its effectiveness combined with a health impact on its user.

    The most comprehensive and detailed risk assessment report on Blue Sand’s main ingredient methenamine, had been published by the Health & Consumer Protection Directorate of European Union in 2005. It had been updated and further approved in 2008 by the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

    The research had been conducted with regards to toxicology, irritation, sensitization, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity and fertility impairment of methenamine.

    Through a number of clinical tests, experimental and human data, workplace studies and calculations, the daily safe level of human consumption of methenamine had been established.

    The daily safe level of mehtenamine when using Blue Sand® Antiperspirant is 34 TIMES LESS than the safe level, established by the report. (*)

    Health Canada is considered to be one of the most health-conscious regulatory organization in the Western world with regards to allowing and certifying of new products for safe use by humans.

    Blue Sand® antiperspirant has been approved and granted license by Health Canada Natural Health Products Directorate (NPN 80030800) for being safe and effective sweat and odor treatment based on the proven clinical tests of methenamine conducted in USA, Israel, Europe and India.

    The value of BlueSand® antiperspirant is a combination of simplicity in terms of its application, health effect on its user, and an overall impact (how well it removes an unwanted cause, in this case sweat and odor).

    This is the philosophy behind the BlueSand® Antiperspirant.

    (*)Each spray shot of Blue Sand antiperspirant releases 14mg of methenamine, of which 7mg could be absorbed by body. When sprayed 3 times onto palms, feet and underarms (18 shots total) human body would absorb up to 125mg. With the average human weight of 165 pounds (75kg) it translates into 1.7mg/kg bw/d, which is 34 times less than NOAEL (57mg/kg bw/d).

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    1. Anastasia Verkovska says:

      Thank you. I am using Blue Sand and it has been working for me 100%. I am so glad that I found this product.

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