Nick, Modesto, CA, USA

Laura V. ,Toronto, ON, Canada
January 30, 2017
Andrew, Concord, CA, USA
January 31, 2017
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I spent most of my day working in the office environment wearing dress shoes.  Because my feet would constantly sweat I tried various ways to decrease the sweatiness by wearing thinner socks, taking the shoes off while working at my desk, carrying a spare set of socks with me etc.  I used foot powder before but I found that too messy.  My girlfriend told me that she discovered a product that has helped her eliminate sweat and odor for her feet and urged me to try it.  I sprayed my feet with Blue Sand for 3 days straight, as per instructions, and noticed that my foot odor disappeared and the sweat was greatly reduced.  I applied the spray again a week later, for two days straight, and discovered that my feet stopped sweating completely.  I have not experienced any foot odor since I started using Blue Sand.  When I start to feel the sweat is coming back I reapply blue sand and after one or two applications my feet are sweat-free again for the next few weeks.  Thanks Blue Sand!

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